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April 2013 - Blog




In Photography

By vashi

The Cork Car

On 22, Apr 2013 | 2 Comments | In Photography | By vashi

2 young skateboarders (Oliver and Cyrus) bought the cork car for $750.
I came home and saw it parked in front of my home in Santa Monica.
I grabbed my Canon 5Dmkii, a Nikon 20mm f2.8 lens and snapped some shots.

Here are the results… (click to enlarge)


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6 Free Effects for After Effects & Premiere [Plugins]

On 15, Apr 2013 | 40 Comments | In After Effects, Editing, Premiere Pro | By vashi

Free Effects for After Effects

When editing any project…there are moments when a visual effect can be applied to help the story be told. These effects can emphasis something to make it more evident, subtly isolate a certain element or blend several assets into one shot. Sometimes these effects are added only as eye candy to add production value to a project. Ideally, you are not adding visual effects to hide mistakes or to cover up deficiencies in the story…but this has been know to happen. (Guilty as charged!) Read more…

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In Editing

By vashi

NAB 2013 Interview with Vashi Nedomansky:
Editing with Adobe Premiere

On 11, Apr 2013 | 6 Comments | In Editing | By vashi

Just finishing a whirlwind 4 days at NAB. I was honored to be asked by Adobe to present on their main stage and discuss my experiences cutting with Premiere Pro. It was my first NAB and overwhelmingly awesome is how I would describe it! After speaking in front of hundreds of people for a couple days…it was extra wonderful to meet many other filmmakers who until now, I only knew on the interwebz. Please enjoy my 5 minutes of rambling in the video above…

Here is the outline for my 30 minute presentation. I went with the “kitchen sink” approach and actually hit on almost all the points I laid out. Better more than not enough info! It was a sincere pleasure to get the opportunity to share my experiences with Adobe Premiere CC.

NAB speech

Outline for my speech

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In Editing

By vashi

NAB 2013: The Next Adobe Premiere Pro

On 05, Apr 2013 | 5 Comments | In Editing | By vashi

NAB is right around the corner and one of the first big bombs was dropped on April 4th. Adobe announced their Next versions of video and audio tools including: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Speedgrade, Prelude, Media Encoder and Story.

NAB 2013 Vegas

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