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December 2013 - Blog

Video Editing Using Pictures and Still Images

On 26, Dec 2013 | 4 Comments | In Editing, Low Budget Filmmaking, Photography | By vashi

Filmmaking using Still Images

The Parallax View and the famous still image montage

A film editor will often sift through hundreds of hours of footage shot for a project. These images flash by at 24/25/30 frames a second and the gold nuggets needed to tell the story must be mined from these mountains of digital or celluloid assets. In documentaries, still images or photographs are needed to propel the tale forward as moving images may not have available to convey certain elements or events. Thanks to Ken Burns and others…it is now commonplace to animate an image and make it come alive as if it were moving.

There is yet another approach to effective filmmaking that uses still images. By incorporating a vast amount of still images…a film editor can build the narrative and evoke emotions by juxtapositioning these images to tell the story. Just like editing moving images…the pace, choice of shot, and resonant emotional effect of still images are all critical to achieve success. It can often take much longer to build a sequence this way as more imagery is needed and every image must be perfect for that one moment on screen. On top of that…one ill-placed visual can break the flow created and destroy the fragile house of cards being built. When done well…it is a magical and invisible effect. Here are 3 amazing examples that exemplify this technique and show all filmmakers the possibilities of editing still images. Read more…

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By vashi

105 Vintage French Film Posters from the 1960’s

On 21, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In Photography | By vashi

105 French New Wave Film Posters

10 years of beautiful art work from the New Wave era

Click on the image to enlarge and enjoy the beautiful imagery
of 1960’s French New Wave film posters. Scroll and explore!!!

Hi-Resolution DOWNLOAD (38MB)

Until next time…Happy Holidays!


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By vashi

12 Film Editors that became Film Directors

On 18, Dec 2013 | One Comment | In Editing, One Sheets | By vashi




list of 12 film editors who became film directors

None of these editors used a computer to cut their films!


It is often said that film editors most fluidly make the transition into being successful film directors. Maybe it’s because the editor gets to live for so long with all the footage…and this gives us an omniscient view into the entire production. We see the mistakes, the triumphs, the happy accidents and the distinctive approaches used by each director. We see what lenses and what lighting works well to set the mood and tell the story…and what technical decisions ring hollow or fake. We learn how the best directors communicate with the actors and crew to keep the production moving forward and fruitful. We also witness as shots, scenes and relationships fall apart when there are miscommunications or disagreements…

Read more…

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Behind the Scenes with Shane Hurlbut, ASC

On 11, Dec 2013 | 11 Comments | In Editing, Low Budget Filmmaking, Production | By vashi

A film set is a chaotic, fluid and high-pressure situation. Every member of the crew must be professional, creative, flexible, diligent and dedicated. Cameras can’t roll until the DP has prepared each shot to their satisfaction and inform the Director that the scene is ready to shoot. Every other department (set design, wardrobe, make-up, sound…) has done their job and the DP is the last person to take it all in and give the green light to start shooting.

I would like to share 3 BTS videos I edited for Shane Hurlbut, ASC during the production of “The Last 3 Minutes“…the award winning short film directed by Po Chan and one of the first films shot on the Canon 5Dmkii. I have edited over 30 Shane Hurlbut projects that he was the DP of and I know that his passion and willingness to share the knowledge he possesses is priceless. Watch the DP of over 18 feature films at work in the BTS videos below…

Shane Hurlbut movie posters of 13 of his films

13 of the 18 feature films by Shane Hurlbut

Read more…

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