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In Editing

By vashi

Adobe Premiere Pro Timelines

On 15, Sep 2015 | No Comments | In Editing | By vashi

After a long stretch of 18 months parked in front of my edit bay…I’ve finished 3 film projects and have moved onto the next challenges. The hours, days, week and months blend together as you edit, tweak, massage and adjust the timeline into its final state. I’ve put the Adobe Premiere Pro timelines from the last three films I’ve completed and a bonus Adobe Audition audio timeline into one huge image. It serves to both remind me of great work accomplished and taunt me with the memory of thousands upon thousands of decisions made. Enjoy!


Adobe Premiere Pro timelines

3 Feature film timelines edited in Adobe Premiere Pro  [CLICK TO ENGLARGE]


On top of the 3 films, here’s a peek at 4 short form projects I cut this last year as well. One was a spoof video for director David Zucker (Airplane, Naked Gun) titled SIDE EFFECTS. Two experimental short films and a documentary round out the rest of the work. I find it pleasing to see your projects all grouped visually in one spot. It both reminds you of all the hard work poured into your projects while looking graphically interesting. So many cuts and shots blended into a rainbow mosaic that represents so much.


4 short form projects cut in Premiere Pro

4 short form projects cut in Premiere Pro


In the very near future I will be sharing me experiences working on GONE GIRL and the upcoming DEADPOOL. Both films were cut exclusively on Adobe Premiere Pro and I was hired to both set up the workflow for the post production teams and also train all the editors working on both films. I was privileged to share my vast experiences cutting 4 feature films and hundreds of commercials on Premiere Pro with some of the best editors in the business. Stay tuned…

Until next time…


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