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In Low Budget Filmmaking

By vashi

Creative Inspiration Through Podcasts

On 08, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In Low Budget Filmmaking | By vashi

Often when I’m doing paperwork, logging footage, color grading or locating the source of weird smells in my studio (cats leaving “presents”)…I will listen to a podcast. There are so many amazingly informative and colorful characters on the interwebz that put out wonderful content on a weekly basis. For me it’s much more than a distraction or a need to be entertained. By listening to passionate, intelligent and humorous people discuss topics they enjoy, I learn by osmosis and find out things I would never have thought to search out for myself.

Here are 6 podcasts I listen to every week…
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In Low Budget Filmmaking

By vashi

Rotorview Steadicam – $4000 3-Axis Stabilizer

On 19, Jun 2013 | In Low Budget Filmmaking, Production | By vashi

3-axis handheld gimble stabilizer


I expect to see an onslaught of 3-axis handheld gimble stabilizers over the next couple months. Rotorview Sweden has one available now for $4000 US. It offers quiet brushless motors and aluminum/carbon construction with a load limit of 3.3 pounds. That’s enough for most DSLRs or the Black Magic Pocket Camera and a prime lens. Check out the video sample below for the ultra-smooth-ostitude!

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Audio for Video:
5 EQ Tips for Filmmakers

On 13, Jun 2013 | 15 Comments | In Audio, Low Budget Filmmaking | By vashi

Editing Audio for Video - Frequency Spectrum

Photo source:

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The Last Moment – Art or Exploitation?

On 20, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In Editing, Low Budget Filmmaking | By vashi

Combining image and sound to create something more than the individual parts is the definition of film editing. I chose to use vintage news footage of actual deaths and fused it with a remix of music by Jimi Hendrix and Muse. I find the result emotional, disturbing and raw. Is it art or exploitative? Beautiful or morbid? Only you can be the judge of that… NSFW



The online historical archives of British Pathé contain countless news reel films covering war, tragedies, accidents and other historic events. Some of these reports document the last moments of peoples lives. The camera does not lie. Life can be both beautiful and horrible…and sometimes these extremes intermingle in a split second.
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Photographers Becoming Filmmakers:
Editing the Shopbop Video Ad

On 13, Mar 2013 | 6 Comments | In Editing, Low Budget Filmmaking | By vashi

Coney Island Fashion Shoot - ShopBop Video
I’ve had the luck and pleasure to work with many artists that have uncompromising vision…ones who create stunning images and at the same time tell compelling stories. With the revolution of DSLR cinematography and the proliferation of these cameras into the hands of the masses…everyone now has access to inexpensive technology that can rival 35mm film when used properly.
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The $20 Rap Video: Low Budget Filmmaking

On 29, Jan 2013 | 19 Comments | In Low Budget Filmmaking, Production | By vashi

Low budget music video editing

The $20 Rap Video Edit Timeline

Welcome to the launch of my first official info packed blog post for my new site! My name is Vashi Nedomansky and I’m a feature film editor based in Los Angeles who embraces filmmaking, technology, life and all things that put a smile on my face. I’ve cut films for David Zucker, Vincent Laforet and edited more than 25 projects for Shane Hurlbut ASC…all after I played 10 years of professional hockey. I love a good challenge, a great meal and a cold vodka gimlet at day’s end.
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