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In Photography

By vashi

Polaroid SX-70 – The Camera of Artists

On 11, Sep 2016 | No Comments | In Photography | By vashi


The SX-70 is more than nostalgia. It’s more than a hipster prop.

It’s amazing technology that gave everyone the freedom to create.

It made everyone an artist with a canvas that developed in their hand.

It taught restraint, patience and decision. 10 shots per pack then. 8 now.

An analog paint brush, futuristic tool, game-changer and camera all in one.


1972 - The First SLR Camera

My personal Polaroid SX 70 camera with original leather case and users manual




In 1972 – Edwin Land created and released the iconic Polaroid SX-70 camera. He claimed 20,000 technological advancements in its design. “The tool for supplying a rich texture for memory…” is what modern architects/designers/filmmakers Charles and Ray Eames said about the Polaroid SX 70 in 1972. They were commissioned by Polaroid to produce an 11-minute film that shared the technical and emotional components to one of the most famous cameras in the history of photography. The film was first shown at a Polaroid shareholders meeting then later used as a sales tool within Polaroid. Legendary film composer Elmer Bernstein wrote the haunting score that merged together the technology and humanity. The film is a fantastic look at how the revolutionary SX-70 works and the creative opportunities it provides its user.



The official Eames Office video can be found here but it is one-minute shorter for some reason.


click to enlarge

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In Photography

By vashi

MOBY – New album is titled BABY LUCIFER

On 19, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In Photography | By vashi

I just got home from an enthralling 2-hour interview with the musician / photographer / alien known as MOBY. Hundreds of people attended the interview at the Annenberg Theater within the Palm Springs Art Museum hosted by Brad Dunning. Moby drove in from Los Angeles just for this event and discussed his love of architecture, semiotics, city planning and he also revealed the name of his new album coming out in September 2015.


Moby revealed the name of his new album

Moby shared his thoughts on architecture, photography and music.


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In Photography

By vashi

Palm Springs Wind Farm – Photo Essay

On 18, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In Photography | By vashi

The San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm is one of the windiest places in Southern California. That’s why 3218 wind turbines are strewn across the desert outside of Palm Springs. Everyone driving past on interstate 10 instinctively starts wildly snapping photos with their phone at 70mph. The results are often unsatisfactory. My Instagram account proves me guilty of this too many times!

Yesterday, I decided to take my time, drive around and let my eye find some pleasing angles and dramatic views to capture. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was dropping behind the 10,834 feet high San Jacinto Mountains.

Here are the results… (CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTOS)

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By vashi

HEADLOCK – On Set Photos of Dianna Agron

On 01, Aug 2014 | No Comments | In HEADLOCK, Photography | By vashi

HEADLOCK is the futuristic spy thriller film I’m editing right now.
Written and directed by Mark Polish, it stars: Dianna Agron, Andy Garcia, Justin Bartha, James Frain, D.W. Moffett, Johnny Pemberton, Patrick Bauchau and Mark Polish. HEADLOCK will be invading your brain in 2015.


Dianna Agron on the set of HEADLOCK



Editors don’t often spend too much time on set. But I needed some sunshine and to spend time with my filmmaking family. I asked Dianna to pose for this photo during top secret filming in Lancaster, California. It’s 105 degrees Fahrenheit and yet Dianna and her custom Cadillac look quite cool.

Excited to share the filmmaking journey of HEADLOCK with you all. I will be constantly updating my blog with new information.

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In Photography

By vashi

Inside the FOX Studios Lot

On 23, Jun 2014 | 2 Comments | In Photography | By vashi

FOX Studios aerial

FOX STUDIOS – Century City aerial view


In 1928, FOX opened their studios in Century City, California. In 1935, FOX merged with 20th Century Pictures and those studios went on to create some of the most memorable films and TV shows of all time. I had the pleasure of working on the FOX lot during the last couple of weeks and took some behind the scenes photos during my stay. Pure Hollywood History!

Shows shot here include: Avatar, The Simpsons, M*A*S*H, The Sound of Music, L.A. Law, Charlie’s Angels, Die Hard, Fight Club, Minority Report, House and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The sense of history you feel when you walk the lot is indescribable… Read more…

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ARGO – The Real Spy Documents

On 06, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In Low Budget Filmmaking, Photography | By vashi

ARGO won the 2013 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Writing and Best Editing. The film details the rescue of 6 U.S. diplomats from Tehran in 1979. The CIA created a fake movie production based in Los Angeles and sent CIA agent Tony Mendez into Iran with fake scripts, storyboards and paperwork.

Here are some of the actual documents used in the rescue operation
that was run by the CIA under their “Studio 6 Productions”.


Studio 6 introduction letter

The fake introduction letter from Studio 6

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Video Editing Using Pictures and Still Images

On 26, Dec 2013 | 4 Comments | In Editing, Low Budget Filmmaking, Photography | By vashi

Filmmaking using Still Images

The Parallax View and the famous still image montage

A film editor will often sift through hundreds of hours of footage shot for a project. These images flash by at 24/25/30 frames a second and the gold nuggets needed to tell the story must be mined from these mountains of digital or celluloid assets. In documentaries, still images or photographs are needed to propel the tale forward as moving images may not have available to convey certain elements or events. Thanks to Ken Burns and others…it is now commonplace to animate an image and make it come alive as if it were moving.

There is yet another approach to effective filmmaking that uses still images. By incorporating a vast amount of still images…a film editor can build the narrative and evoke emotions by juxtapositioning these images to tell the story. Just like editing moving images…the pace, choice of shot, and resonant emotional effect of still images are all critical to achieve success. It can often take much longer to build a sequence this way as more imagery is needed and every image must be perfect for that one moment on screen. On top of that…one ill-placed visual can break the flow created and destroy the fragile house of cards being built. When done well…it is a magical and invisible effect. Here are 3 amazing examples that exemplify this technique and show all filmmakers the possibilities of editing still images. Read more…

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In Photography

By vashi

105 Vintage French Film Posters from the 1960’s

On 21, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In Photography | By vashi

105 French New Wave Film Posters

10 years of beautiful art work from the New Wave era

Click on the image to enlarge and enjoy the beautiful imagery
of 1960’s French New Wave film posters. Scroll and explore!!!

Hi-Resolution DOWNLOAD (38MB)

Until next time…Happy Holidays!


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The 4 Best Lenses for Amazing Lens Flare

On 28, Sep 2013 | 12 Comments | In Low Budget Filmmaking, Photography, Tests | By vashi

Love them or hate them…lens flares have been trending non-stop over the last several years. You can find them in every J.J. Abrams movie, car commercial, wedding video, print ad or recent independent film. Lens flares are caused by the scattering of light and the reflection/refraction of light within the various glass elements of the lens. Flares manifest in two ways: visible artifacts of various shapes or a haze across the entire image. Modern lenses have multi-coated glass that remove almost every trace of lens flares…and software/CGI is used to add these analog aberrations back into the image.

I love the visual character of old lenses and have chosen my favorite four low budget lenses that create beautiful and dramatic lens flares. These lenses are inexpensive, readily available and can be mounted on a RED Dragon or a $500 DSLR. Take a look at the striking results possible with a Canon 5Dmkii, these four lenses and the sun…

4 best low budget lenses to create lens flares

Pentax, Nikon, Mir and Helios lenses.

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800,000+ Digitized Pages
of Film/TV/Sound History For Free

Every Filmmaker owes a debt of gratitude to the people in “The Industry” who have come before them. Every creative or technical decision you make on your film, TV show, webisode, short film or documentary has probably been made a multitude of times in the past. The “Bolt of Lightning” idea that struck you in the middle of the night has most assuredly been thought of and implemented during the last 100+ years of Filmmaking.

We stand on the shoulders of giants and I take every chance I can to learn more about the history of filmmaking. The Media History Digital Library has just launched their search platform Lantern which contains 800,000+ pages of digitized texts from publications of film, broadcasting, and recorded sound. Brew some coffee and timewarp into the past to learn more about every aspect of Filmmaking than you could possibly imagine!

Lantern – The search engine for 800,00+ pages of Filmmaking history

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