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In Editing

By vashi

Editing Shane Hurlbut: Tips, Tricks and Rules

On 01, Feb 2011 | No Comments | In Editing, Uncategorized | By vashi

The first time I met Shane was at Bandito Brothers last year, when he and the Director Po Chan asked me to edit “The Last 3 Minutes.” I had worked for the Banditos as a freelance editor for 3 years and had cut dozens of projects there, but never crossed paths with Shane. When I did get a chance to meet him, I realized that this man is a force of nature and has more enthusiasm for filmmaking and sharing his knowledge than anyone I’ve ever met. He asked me to guest blog about editing, so allow me to pull the curtain back on the workflow, mindset and process of Editing Shane…

Read the full blog post here on the Hurlblog.

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