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By vashi

On 01, Jul 2013 | One Comment | In | By vashi


Mobius was one of the first 4 official films shot on the Canon C300.
The film premiered on November 3rd, 2011 @Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

Directed by Vincent Laforet.

I edited Mobius on a generation 1 Mac Tower, 2.66 dual processor intel. 16 gigs of ram. GT120 and GT285 Nvidia cards.

This is the same dinosaur-ific tower I cut “The Last 3 Minutes” on for Shane Hurlbut.

Just upgraded to an 8-core 2.26 Mac Tower…Ahhhhhhh.


  1. Get an apple iMac.. preferably a with a 4 gig ram and a 1 gig video card, with a quad core pcroessor.. You can also go for a desktop running an i7 pcroessor, and a high end video card.. A pc is good because your able to easily modify and upgrade the parts.. but a Macintosh definitely is best for video and image editing..

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