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On 14, Nov 2016 | No Comments | In | By vashi

Mad Max: Center Framed

Film Editor Margaret Sixel was given over 480 hours of footage to create MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. The final edit ran 120 minutes and consisted of 2700 individual shots. That’s 2700 consecutive decisions that must flow smoothly and immerse the viewer. 2700 decisions that must guide and reveal the story in a clear and concise manner. One bad cut can ruin a moment, a scene or the whole film.

One of the many reasons MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is so successful as an action film is the editing style. By using “Eye Trace” and “Crosshair Framing” techniques during the shooting, the editor could keep the important visual information vital in one spot…the Center of the Frame. Because almost every shot was center framed, comprehending the action requires no hunting of each new shot for the point of interest. The viewer doesn’t need 3 or 4 frames to figure out where to look. It’s like watching an old hand-drawn flip book whiz by. It’s always in the same spot!


On 01, Jul 2013 | One Comment | In | By vashi


Mobius was one of the first 4 official films shot on the Canon C300.
The film premiered on November 3rd, 2011 @Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

Directed by Vincent Laforet.

I edited Mobius on a generation 1 Mac Tower, 2.66 dual processor intel. 16 gigs of ram. GT120 and GT285 Nvidia cards.

This is the same dinosaur-ific tower I cut “The Last 3 Minutes” on for Shane Hurlbut.

Just upgraded to an 8-core 2.26 Mac Tower…Ahhhhhhh.

On 16, Jun 2013 | 4 Comments | In | By vashi

El Pollo Loco – Wet Burrito

I was hired to edit/color/sound design/deliver 5 broadcast spots for El Pollo Loco. The director was John Krueger who has directed and produced dozens of EPL spots to date. Shane Hurlbut was the DP and he brought in the Elite Team with a truckload of Canon 5d, 7d and C300s to blast out this 30 second spot in one day. The Arri Alexa was used to film the food inserts on a different day. This is the Signature Spot for El Pollo Loco’s new campaign.

– Editor/Colorist/Sound Design
John Krueger – Director
Shane Hurlbut – Director of Photography
Matt Macar – Motion Graphics/Titles

On 15, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In | By vashi

Keith Urban – “For You” Official Music Video BTS

Shane Hurlbut shot a music video for Keith Urban on the same desert that he shot Act of Valor 3 years earlier. This brought full circle the journey of making the feature film.

Shane gave me 9 hours of B-roll from the video shoot and said…”Make it rock!” I tried to tell the story of the journey as well!

Courtesy of Relativity and Bandito Brothers.
Edited by .

On 15, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In | By vashi

Wikus and Charlize

Sharlto Copley (District 9) asked me to Produce and DP the return of Wikus van de Merwe in a special video for the South African Music Awards. I of course said yes. Sharlto wrote, directed and edited this piece. It was Sharlto’s first visit ever to Hollywood and I was proud to be his guide to my backyard.

Wikus tries to find fellow South African…Charlize Theron in Los Angeles. He needs her help to present and announce the winner of the best album. What could go wrong?

We shot 9 locations in one day including: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, CAA, Bank of America, The South African Consulate, Cinefile Video Store, The Springbok Bar and Grill, The Starline Hollywood Star Tour Bus, The Charlie Hotel and Charlize Theron’s house in the Hollywood Hills. My daughter Alexann joined me on the shoot and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and hanging out with Charlize on set. I was a very proud Daddy.

Sharlto is a whirlwind of energy, enthusiasm and creativity and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate in his awesomeness. As a DP, i love to operate and had a blast playing the role of Todd the cameraman. Good times!


PRODUCED BY- Sharlto Copley, , Jhon Doria, Jeanne-Melanie Haasbroek
BASED ON A CHARACTER CREATED BY: Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell
MAKE-UP/HAIR-Sarah Rubano
THANKS TO-Charlize Theron, Neill Blomkamp, Peter Jackson, Caro Cunningham, Alexann Zahara, Joe Greto
EDITED on Adobe Premiere CS5

On 25, Nov 2012 | 2 Comments | In | By vashi

VW – TDI Truth or Dare

Volkswagen’s TDI Diesel campaign. I edited 4 spots that showed how clean, quick and eco-friendly the new VW Diesel Jettas are. Shot on the Canon 5Dmkii by Shane Hurlbut.

On 25, Nov 2012 | One Comment | In | By vashi

Medal of Honor – Launch Trailer

Electronic Arts ad that ran during Monday Night Football before the launch of Medal of Honor 2010.

Features real Tier 1 Operative interviews.

This is the last major project that I edited on FCP 7 before switching to Adobe Premiere CS5.5

Produced by Bandito Brothers.

On 25, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In | By vashi

“The Last 3 Minutes” directed by Po Chan

The main character in this short is William Turner, a janitor whose life seems mundane on the surface but as it develops, many interesting layers are revealed. We shot his boring existence in the present day at 24fps utilizing the new Canon 5D firmware.

As William’s life unfolds from present day to the past, we shot with the Canon 5D at 30fps and pulled it in at 24fps to give it a slightly dreamy feel. The creamy Canon ‘L’ series glass delivered the period look that we were hoping to achieve.

Director: Po Chan
Cinematographer and Executive Producer: Shane Hurlbut, ASC
Producer: Greg Haggart

On 25, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In | By vashi


60 haunting seconds of what it feels like to save lives from the air. This emotional, visually sumptuous film captures the mindset and dedication of the Navy Air Rescue who must respond instantly and answer the call.

This was my favorite edit from the Navy Rescue campaign I edited for Bandito Brothers. Shane Hurlbut beautifully captured visceral footage that lets the viewer experience what Navy Air Rescue does day in and out.

I cut this on Adobe Premiere and am proud to share it with you.

On 25, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In | By vashi

Shane Hurlbut – Crash Cam

I edited a sizzle reel for Shane Hurlbut that consists of numerous examples of the Canon 5Dmkii being used as a crash cam for dangerous stunts. Hi-speed slo-motion is shot on film.