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By vashi

12 Film Editors that became Film Directors

On 18, Dec 2013 | One Comment | In Editing, One Sheets | By vashi




list of 12 film editors who became film directors

None of these editors used a computer to cut their films!


It is often said that film editors most fluidly make the transition into being successful film directors. Maybe it’s because the editor gets to live for so long with all the footage…and this gives us an omniscient view into the entire production. We see the mistakes, the triumphs, the happy accidents and the distinctive approaches used by each director. We see what lenses and what lighting works well to set the mood and tell the story…and what technical decisions ring hollow or fake. We learn how the best directors communicate with the actors and crew to keep the production moving forward and fruitful. We also witness as shots, scenes and relationships fall apart when there are miscommunications or disagreements…

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In Photography

By vashi

Orson Welles Steenbeck

On 08, May 2013 | 5 Comments | In Photography | By vashi


A couple years ago I was lucky enough to acquire the Steenbeck that once belonged to Orson Welles and his editor Gary Graver. It had languished in a dark, dusty storage unit deep in the San Fernando Valley. It is fully functional and carries the cinematic history of very special hands working magic upon it. I decided to give it a proper home so other filmmakers could at least see the behemoth of analog editing in person. Read more…

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