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121 Free Film Grain & Light Leaks for
Film & Video Editors

On 01, Sep 2013 | 17 Comments | In After Effects, Editing, Low Budget Filmmaking | By vashi

11 Companies giving away FREE filmmaking assets

An easy way to make your project look more ‘cinematic’ is to overlay film grain, light leaks or other film-specific attributes. They can be used to emulate film stock, create transitions or for experimental and aggressive looks. There are many expensive options you can buy to achieve these looks…but for the low budget filmmaker FREE is a fabulous price!

I’ve compiled assets from 11 companies that graciously offer their HD video files at no cost whatsoever. Even though they are free…they are high quality and when applied properly…create a convincing and authentic effect.  Enjoy!


1. Projector Films – 23 Light Leaks and Lens Flares (1920×1080 ProRes)

2. Creative Dojo – 16 Light Leaks (1920×1080 JPEG MOVs)

3. Vegasaur – 20 Light Leaks (1920×1080 h.264 .MOVs)

4. Digital Cinema Foundry – 4 Light Leaks/Film Burns (1280×720 .MOVs)

5. VFX Footage – 47 Light Leaks/Film Burns/Smoke/Ink (1920×1080 .MOVs)

6. LightLeakLove – 3 Light Leaks (Organic/Crystal/Star Trek) 1920×1080

7. Vegasaur Particulas – 5 Real Dust Particle Effects (1280×720 ProRes)

8. Holy Grain – 35mm Film Grain with dirt (1920×1080 .MOV)

9. Gorilla Grain – One 35mm Grain and 3 Real Film Burns (1920×1080 .MOVs)

10. Vegasaur Film Grain – Real 35mm Film Grain (1280×720 h.264 .MOV)

11. VisionColor – 35mm Kodak Vision 3 5213 Filmstock (1920×1080 .MOV)


Subtle to ridiculous usage for your enjoyment!


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Until next time…

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  1. Wow, thanks again for featuring us on this list Vashi!

    All the best,
    Charlie @

    • vashi

      Anytime Charlie! Thanks for sharing your wonderful light leaks.

  2. Thanks Vashi!

    • vashi

      My sincere pleasure Paul. Enjoy and use it

  3. Thanks for the feature! Great compiled list 🙂

    • vashi

      Thanks for providing such great assets VinhSon! Much appreciated.

  4. Thanks again Vashi! Love your blog, keep up the great work!

    • vashi

      Thanks for the kind words Josh. Some more good shit coming up soon!

  5. Hey Vashi,
    just wanted to say another thanks for all your advice. As your younger and inexperienced colleague I’ve found some good tips here. On a sidenote, I’ve stumbled upon a pic of your editing bay on the blog. Maybe you could make a post about it? What’s the configuration and hardware you use, just for geeking out? )

    • vashi

      Thanks Paul! I will definitely post soon about my set up and hardware. It’s amazing what is available to us these days…and what we can accomplish from even a modest system. Stay tuned!

  6. Thank you for featuring us on this list Vashi! We are also offering over 2GBs of 2k 35mm and 16mm film grain scans, light leaks and more via our facebook page!


    • vashi

      Thanks for the additional info and assets! I’ve been using your VIsionColor picture style as my go to #1 for almost 2 years. I just purchased OSIRIUS and am excited to use that on my upcoming projects. I will blog about my experience once I’m done! Thank you for creating such an impressive product!

  7. When used well, a touch of film grain and a well placed light leak can really perfect a look. When used badly it can be carelessly sloshed all over your edit, leaving every transition relying on a blur of bright light.

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