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3 Low Budget Editing Tips for Action Movies

On 18, Sep 2013 | 23 Comments | In Editing, Low Budget Filmmaking | By vashi

Every movie has moments of action and intensity. These moments can be physical, emotional, dialog driven or even delivered through camera movement. When Walter White verbally explodes at someone in Breaking Bad, his words are as damaging as a shotgun blast. In the genre of Action Films…commonly used shots include: fights, stunts, car chases or explosions. There are many ways a low budget filmmaker can use editing to enhance and exaggerate these often dangerous and difficult to shoot moments.

Through the magic of film editing…I want to share 3 tips that will help you visually amplify dramatic moments and give them much more impact. Just because you don’t have a big budget doesn’t mean you can’t have convincing and believable effects. Besides…all the big budget films use these 3 tricks as well!

3 edit tips for low budget action films

Low budget does not mean low quality

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Raiders of the Lost Ark – Fast Cutting & Center Framing

On 16, Aug 2013 | 8 Comments | In Editing, Raiders of the Lost Ark | By vashi

In a previous post, I discussed the power of the “long take” during two scenes in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. This time around, let’s focus on the opposite…fast edits and how Steven Spielberg “cuts in camera” to tell the story quickly, efficiently and visually. He basically pre-edits on the set and that requires proper planning.

This technique of shooting only pre-planned and essential shots has been around since the early days of Hollywood. Sometimes, directors didn’t have enough time or film and would just shoot the barest essentials needed to convey the story. On the flip side, Alfred Hitchcock (and others) often filmed only the shots they needed so that the Studio would have no other choices during the editing. Let’s take a look at how Spielberg “cuts in camera” to introduce Indiana Jones during the opening of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.


An iconic moment in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”

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In Editing

By vashi

The Pancake Timeline – 3 New Examples

On 13, Jun 2013 | 21 Comments | In Editing, Tests | By vashi

The original Pancake Timeline

Download Pancake Timeline for Adobe Premiere Pro 6

Download Pancake Timeline for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

After all the great feedback and responses to my post about “The Pancake Timeline”, I decided to find out the maximum amount of footage that one could place into a Premiere Pro CC sequence. I discovered that the limit is 24 hours. That should definitely be more than enough for most projects! The bigger surprise was that I found that playback and scrolling through the sequences was not the least bit sluggish even though bogged down with so much media. To share with you what it looks like…here are 3 giant Pancake Timelines from my previous and current projects. Read more…

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