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By vashi

The 160 Angriest Steps in Cinema History

On 23, Nov 2013 | 6 Comments | In Editing | By vashi

POINT BLANK (1967) is a perfect revenge crime thriller set in Los Angeles. It can be argued that Lee Marvin’s portrayal of Walker is not that far removed from Schwarzenegger’s turn in THE TERMINATOR (1984). Both characters are single-minded in their quest and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. In both films, there is a mechanical efficiency to how they approach their tasks. They both speak only when necessary…and even then it is an exercise in minimalism. Lee Marvin is a physical force as terrifying as Arnold…and this is clearly displayed as he takes “The 160 Angriest Steps in Cinema History” to begin his revenge on those who wronged him. Watch and listen as his unbroken, unstoppable momentum drives the story forward…

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  1. I literally leapt out of my chair with excitement when I first saw this scene many years ago. The sheer audacity of it and the overwhelming force it implied really turned Lee Marvin into an unstoppable character. I was blown away at how such a simple carried audio technique could elevate and inform a scene so much. It’s haunted me since I first saw it and never loses it’s lustre.

    • vashi

      Thank you so much for the comment. It’s obvious we are in agreement to the power of this amazing sequence! So ahead of its’ time!

  2. Hey. I’ve seen ASLs in many of your posts. I recently wrote a little piece of code which automates the calculation to some extent (which i wrote to settle my curiosity about the ASL of Werckmeister Harmonies). How do you calculate it?

    • vashi

      I use the Cinemetrics ASL method for my calculations and Barry Salt has calculated hundreds of movies for ASL as well.

  3. I had forgotten about this. Maybe I have to rewatch it as soon as possible.

    I found this interessting post/video about the editing in the good, the bad and the ugly

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