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In One Sheets

By vashi

5 Edit Tips for your BTS

On 20, May 2013 | 2 Comments | In One Sheets | By vashi

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  1. I love editing BTS! In my short editing-life, so to speak, what I most enjoyed were BTS. They are quite challenging, aren’t they?

    Indeed, I exceed the tip number 5, hehe.
    In regards to the others, it’s very interesting the first one. I tend to pay attention to dialog, sure, but actually I don’t build it first – though I’ll think twice the next time. Talking about number four, oh yeah, structure above all. And you need to be brave! That means that we shouldn’t underrate this type of videos just putting shots of the crew one after the other. That’s boring and quite simple. After all, it’s the crew who is watching it. Don’t you like, if you’re an assistant editor, to impress the DOP or the Producer? I, personally, think that BTS are a good chance to show to your mates your editing skills.

    I’ve got some good aneqdotes editing “making-ofs.” For instance, as I work on the set too many hours, I don’t get the jokes there. On the contrary, watching all the behind the scenes’ footage at home I realise that has been a completely different shooting out there. It’s unbelievble! You know?

    Well, that’s all pal. Thank you for your tips and excuse my English!

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