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Average Shot Length

6 Films with Hyperfast Editing:
Average Shot Length under 2 seconds

On 02, Jun 2013 | 2 Comments | In Average Shot Length, One Sheets | By vashi

6 Hyperspeed Edited Films

Average Shot Length under 2 seconds

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  1. Love all of these ASL posts! It’s great to see the way the length corresponds with the way the film feels. Is there an industry standard for the different genres of film, or are they at the discretion of the director/editor? Thanks!

    • vashi

      Thanks for the kind comment Josh. I will breaking down ASL by genre and director in depth soon. There is no industry standard that I know of because, as you stated…the way a film feels is the deciding factor. Woody Allen has a 17 second ASL across all his films and I never feel bored or that the film is moving slowly. I’m sucked in by the performances, the lighting, the set design and the story. That said…action films are generally cut much quicker than the average ASL. More to come!!!!

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