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Low Budget Filmmaking

ARGO – The Real Spy Documents

On 06, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In Low Budget Filmmaking, Photography | By vashi

ARGO won the 2013 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Writing and Best Editing. The film details the rescue of 6 U.S. diplomats from Tehran in 1979. The CIA created a fake movie production based in Los Angeles and sent CIA agent Tony Mendez into Iran with fake scripts, storyboards and paperwork.

Here are some of the actual documents used in the rescue operation
that was run by the CIA under their “Studio 6 Productions”.


Studio 6 introduction letter

The fake introduction letter from Studio 6


Argo script

The actual script for ARGO


Storyboard from ARGO

Storyboard for the fake film ARGO


Tony Mendez passport

The real Tony Mendez passport


Spy Exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

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