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By vashi

Cinefex – The Movie Special Effects Magazine

On 01, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Production, Uncategorized | By vashi

Cinefex is an amazing quarterly magazine that came out in March 1980. Growing up…I remember trolling my local bookstore in Detroit and always hoping that the new edition of this square magazine had arrived. It was my first opportunity to see behind-the-scenes photos of current movies and in-depth interviews with the filmmakers involved. The techniques and secrets revealed in Cinefex are as relevant and useful now as they were 30 years ago. Every filmmaker should get their hands on a copy…and now it’s going to be easier to do that.

The first edition of Cinefex 1980

The wealth of information and the care that was taken to create every edition of Cinefex is simply amazing. Unfortunately, many of these magazines are either out-of-print or so rare as to be almost impossible to locate. There are now several digital options which put all the Cinefex magazines directly onto your iPad. You can view some free editions and purchase the others at Cinefex but even there…some editions are out of print or unavailable.

That brings me to Mark Christiansen and his Kickstarter to offer the entire Classic Cinefex collection from episode 1 to 126 in a searchable, hi-rez digital edition for the iPad. To purchase the physical 126 magazines on eBay…the prices are around $2500…if you can find them at all!

Also…if Blade Runner is of interest to you (!!!) here is the out-of-print NUMBER 9  edition from July of 1982. Thanks to Cinephilia and Beyond for the link. I visit that site every day…and if you love Cinema…you should too.

The entire Cinefex catalog is an indispensable resource that every filmmaker can use to learn from and revisit the memorable special effects movies of the past, present and give you ideas for the future.

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