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In Tests

By vashi

DuctTake: Seam-based Compositing
[NEW Disney VFX Technology]

On 29, May 2013 | One Comment | In Tests | By vashi

DuctTake demo

Combine different handheld takes into one video.
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Disney Research in Zurich has released a white paper (PDF) and a showreel video of their new technology DuctTake. It allows for combining and compositing of different takes into one single video…seamlessly. This has been done for over a hundred years with split screens and mattes and locked off cameras. It’s a very simple effect and a staple of trick shots done in camera. The difference with DuctTake is…it is now possible to combine and composite takes with handheld or moving cameras.

Think about the possibilities. Think about the shots you can create. Disney Research has shown that what once required creating 3D models and environments can now be done by shooting 2 takes of video and combining them in DuctTake.

The showreel just scratches the surface of the limitless creative shots that can be accomplished with minimal effort and minor planning. If you think of every shot in a film that travels through a wall, keyhole, window (David Fincher‘s Panic Room) you can only imagine the VFX work and money required to realize it. The obligatory “mirror reflection comes alive” shot in a horror film, can now be done in 2 takes and a quick render.

The mind reels just thinking about how easily these classic VFX shots would be to replicate with DuctTake. And more importantly…The insane shit-house crazy shots we will be able to dream up and implement using this technology. I hope this comes out as a plugin soon…Red Giant, Boris, GenArts, somebody, anybody…get cracking!

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