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Average Shot Length

Film Editing Facts #6

On 06, Sep 2013 | 5 Comments | In Average Shot Length, One Sheets | By vashi

Average shot length for 7 famous films

7 effective and very differently paced films.

Until next time…

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  1. Brilliant!

    I don’t remember “Children of Men” to be such a slow edit – I guess that’s a testament to the power of it’s editing. On the other hand, I definitely remember Taken 2, and not exactly with the same fondness.

    Fascinating stuff!

    • Cool research!
      I wonder what was the ASL of Bourne series!:p

      @Charlie, “Children of Men” used extremely long takes! There was a lot of explosions and action during those shots, that’s probably why you didn’t notice 🙂

  2. How are you figuring this out?
    I would love to know if you have an automated way?
    And, how you figured out the shots in films as well.

    • vashi

      Tim – Some of the films I measured myself and the others I used the research of Barry Salt and Cinemetrics.

      • Thanks!
        I storyboard movies all the time, (using screenshots). I go through them frame by frame, and make up shot lists of what they filmed, etc.

        I was reeeeally hoping you were going to have some magic automated way of figuring out edits 🙂

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