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By vashi

HANNIBAL – Script to Screen

On 19, Sep 2015 | No Comments | In Editing | By vashi

HANNIBAL aired on NBC for three seasons before being cancelled. It was one of the most cinematically spectacular shows ever on TV and it redefined what was allowable in terms of violence on prime time networks. Creator Bryan Fuller made murder, cannabalism and other horrible acts delectably palatable while maintaining a visually beauty that both rivals and supersedes the biggest budget feature films. It paid homage to the original source material but then creatively rewrote the narrative and delivered an operatic version that both acknowledged and expanded on the lore of Hannibal Lector.



HANNIBAL – Script to Screen


Creator and writer Bryan Fuller has generously shared all 3 seasons of the scripts and every filmmaker would benefit by reading any of them. I want to focus on the first episode titled “Aperitif” written by Bryan Fuller and share with you the script superimposed with the actual show to fully appreciate the translation of script to screen. This first episode of HANNIBAL is visually and creatively fantastic and raises the bar of what to expect no matter what the format. The translation of word to imagery is no easy task. What do the written words actually turn into in front of the camera? Watch the first 5 minutes of the first episode of HANNIBAL. Enjoy the magic…



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