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By vashi

A Beautiful Man: In Memory of James Avery

On 01, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In Production | By vashi

James Avery has passed away. I had the honor of working with the Gentle Giant on a feature film I produced, shot and edited. The director Jhon Doria got James for 2 shooting days, but his role and scenes were critical to the story. James was the consummate professional, physically imposing (6 foot 5 inches) and the owner of a booming laugh that erupted frequently between takes. It was during these breaks in shooting that he regaled us with tales of his 4-year stint in the US Navy during the Vietnam War and for his love of Shakespeare and poetry. Warmth and kindness radiated out from him in waves. Even whilst confined to a wheelchair for his role…he owned the set and our hearts.

James Avery still from 'The Grind'

James Avery in ‘The Grind’

On the last day of shooting, out of nowhere, James launched into ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and became the Prince of Morocco. I was luckily rolling camera and captured an intimate moment – a moment I have not shared with anyone. Now seems like the best time to share it and show a side of James Avery you might not have been familiar with. He was a classically trained actor and a member of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.



James will be missed but never forgotten…


Wrap party for 'The Grind' with James Avery

Dinner with the wonderful James Avery.


To learn more about this amazing man…
you can watch his biography in his own words here on The History Makers.

‘The Grind’ is deep in post production. Coming soon…

Until next time…


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