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Average Shot Length

Music Video Editing Stats

On 18, Nov 2013 | 2 Comments | In Average Shot Length, One Sheets | By vashi

Average Shot Length of 8 music videos

Average Shot Length of 8 music videos


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  1. I want to say Sandman doesn’t apply in the standard shot-to-shot transitions because it seems to just be a strobing effect rather than actual “editing” like the kind done in “99 Problems” for instance where you see actual progression.

    • vashi

      I would agree in principle…but with the combination of strobing (which may have been actually edited in post) and the continual dissolves of concurrent strobing shots…we get an accumulation of cuts and speed sensation that I believe justifies the 0.3 seconds ASL. I also agree the feel of it is not traditional like “99 Problems”. The amount of edits have definitely increased at a crazy pace over the years…

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