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By vashi

10 Filmmaking Sites You Should Be Reading

On 24, May 2013 | 2 Comments | In Editing | By vashi

Thank you to

Thank you to Clay Asbury and for choosing as one of their 10. I started this website to share my experiences and ideas with people and to interact with other passionate filmmakers. I greatly appreciate being recognized by and especially for learning about new websites I wasn’t familiar with until now! The article can be found here.

There are so many amazing filmmaking and post production sites out there. Please feel free to add your favorites in the comments below. I will post a blog soon with a collection of them…so other talented and creative people get the exposure they deserve.

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  1. This is where I found your site, so thanks Premiumbeat!

    The sites that really sent me to the next level of my skill were as follows:

    Dave Dougdale (YouTube, I was new to DSLRs and he did a great job of explaining the basics as well as giving comparisons for equipment)

    Film Riot (YouTube, they do a great job on how-to’s for visual effects and other techniques)

    Video CoPilot (great visual effects tutorials, tons of fun if you want to try new things. They also have a ton of free plugins to help you save time)

    nofilmschool (Awesome blog covering a number of filmmaking topics) (Taught me how to work in Premiere, After Effects, SpeedGrade and a number of other programs. Also have a ton of how-tos on filmmaking. It was worth the $30/month)

    Shane Hurlbut (His emphasis on understanding light and the limits of a camera is something I practice to perfect. The importance behind lighting a scene is something that I never would known were it not for Shane’s selflessness and desire to share with striving cinematographers)

    Last but not least, studying movies after learning techniques. Re-watching my old favorites and looking at the lighting, camera movement, talent positions, music, coloring, transitions, and cuts. Picking out the things I’ve learned has helped me to understand why I feel more emotionally attached to certain movies, and why I find others bland. I love movies even more now that I understand more of what the director/DP/editor was trying to pull off, and it gives me a goal to attempt to bring out an emotion in someone who watches one of our videos.

    • vashi

      Those are some great sites and they cover a large portion of the diverse elements and skills needed to make any video or films. There are so many components and even though it is impossible to master all of them…you will be a better filmmaker the more you understand about each specific aspect of the process. I never stop learning and searching for new knowledge and there are a wealth of talented people out there sharing their secrets and tips. Keep your eyes open and let me know how your journey progresses! All the best…Vashi

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