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In Photography

By vashi

Stanley Kubrick at LACMA: The Final Day

On 01, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In Photography | By vashi

After an amazing 6 month run…The Stanley Kubrick Exhibit at LACMA has closed. The most comprehensive collection of Kubrick’s equipment, scripts, props, documents, photos and more has been situated 10 miles from my home and I haven’t made time to go. I’ve planned to go…wanted to go…needed to go and finally on the last day…I went.

It was an overwhelming experience and I wish I had gone several more times to delve deeper into this historical filmmaking treasure trove. Here are some of the photos I took during my 4-hour journey into the World Of Stanley Kubrick.

My last day ticket from LACMA – June 30, 2013


Storyboard wall from 2001: A Space Odyssey


The Survival Pack from Dr. Strangelove


Some of Stanley Kubrick’s lenses


Single frame of Lolita viewed through a loupe


Stanley Kurbrick’s personal chess set


Letter from Saul Bass to Stanley Kubrick regarding The Shining


Jack’s typewriter from The Shining


Shooting schedule from the unfinished Aryan Papers


Minature set of The War Room from Dr. Strangelove


Matte painting from Spartacus


A Clockwork Orange phonograph


Script pages from Paths of Glory


The Zeiss Planar 50mm f.07 Barry Lyndon lens with .5x wide lens adaptor


Stanley Kubrick’s Tewe’s Directors Finder with Vista Vision setting


Prop axes from The Shining


The Cinerama Fairchild-Curtis 160-degree lens used for HAL’s POV


Milk Bar statue from A Clockwork Orange


Mitchell BNC 35mm camera used in Barry Lyndon


Proposal letter for the unfinished Napoleon film


Danny’s sweater from The Shining


Script for “The Shine” by Stephen King with notes


Stanley Kubrick’s directors chair with script holder


It was a magical experience and very inspiring to see some of the elements that helped craft the Kubrick Universe. Thanks for visiting and until next time…

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