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In Photography

By vashi

The Cork Car

On 22, Apr 2013 | 2 Comments | In Photography | By vashi

2 young skateboarders (Oliver and Cyrus) bought the cork car for $750.
I came home and saw it parked in front of my home in Santa Monica.
I grabbed my Canon 5Dmkii, a Nikon 20mm f2.8 lens and snapped some shots.

Here are the results… (click to enlarge)












The previous owners created a website for the car… that includes the creation and spottings of the car in Los Angeles. It puts a smile on my face and the young new owners were pumped to have their portraits taken in their sweet ass ride. Good Times!

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  1. Too awesome!
    I just checked out the cork car site the images were bland too bad, your images look awesome, definitely a coffee table photo book for the memories.

    You made a great donation to those 2 youngsters.

    • vashi

      Cyrus and Oliver both were so pumped up when they saw the results of our impromptu photo shoot. I always like to capture the interesting and odd shit I see in Los Angeles…and as you very may well know…there is always something that will catch your eye or tickle your fancy. More to come!

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