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335 Free Film Editing Tools and Assets

On 02, Nov 2013 | 15 Comments | In After Effects, Editing, Low Budget Filmmaking | By vashi

Free tools I use every day for my editing jobs


I’m always on the lookout for tools and assets that make my film editing and post production workflow easier, quicker and more efficient. Many of them can be expensive and very specific to certain tasks…others are free and just as effective.

I’ve shared many of these in the past…but now I have compiled an updated list of all free assets on this one page. Every filmmaker can now easily harness the power of the creative and generous people that provided all these tools and assets.

There are many other free plugins/presets/templates available on the interwebz…but I wanted to share only the ones I use on a daily basis. There are 335 listed below…and I’ve tested or used every single one of them. The results you can achieve are only limited by your imagination. Dig in and enjoy!


Vashi Visuals Pancake Timeline
Adobe Premiere Pro CC Template with 2 timelines for easier editing

Jarle’s Presets 2.0
A collection of 89 free presets for Premiere Pro that I use every day

Creative Impatience 
4 Premiere Pro plugins (Feathered Crop, Vignette, Power Window, Temperature)

Film Dog Pro’s HD Letterbox Template Pack
70 Aspect Ratio presets for all video editing software. 1080 and 720 sized PNGs

After Effects project that matches the 40mm Panavison Primo Anamorphic Lens


Projector Films
23 Light Leaks and Lens Flares (1920×1080 ProRes)

Creative Dojo
16 Light Leaks (1920×1080 JPEG MOVs)

20 Light Leaks (1920×1080 h.264 .MOVs)

Digital Cinema Foundry
4 Light Leaks/Film Burns (1280×720 .MOVs)

VFX Footage
47 Light Leaks/Film Burns/Smoke/Ink (1920×1080 .MOVs)

3 Light Leaks (Organic/Crystal/Star Trek) 1920×1080

Vegasaur Particulas
5 Real Dust Particle Effects (1280×720 ProRes)

Holy Grain
35mm Film Grain with dirt (1920×1080 .MOV)

Gorilla Grain
One 35mm Grain and 3 Real Film Burns (1920×1080 .MOVs)

Vegasaur Film Grain
Real 35mm Film Grain (1280×720 h.264 .MOV)

35mm Kodak Vision 3 5213 Filmstock (1920×1080 .MOV)


VideoCopilot Presets
19 After Effects presets from Andrew Kramer

Film Impact Transitions
4 Transitions for Premiere Pro

Andy’s Swish Transitions
Swish Pan and Swish Dissolve

CoreMelt Free
44 plugins for Premiere Pro/After Effects

2 camera shake presets for After Effects

Juan Melara’s LUTs
4 Kodak and Fujifilm LUTs for Davinci Resolve
audio samples with free Creative Commons licenses
library of video/audio/text files with Creative Commons licenses


My edit systems run Adobe Premiere Pro CC/Adobe After Effects CC on MAC.
Most of the plugins and presets above will work on both MAC and PC. Some will also work in FCPX or FCP7. The quicktime video assets will work on all operating systems. The links will clarify the system requirements needed for each asset.

Until next time…


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  1. Nice collect and useful online resource

  2. Thanks Vashi for featuring us as part of this epic resource, it’s very much appreciated!
    I have personally sourced so many cool bits and pieces from it already.

    All the best, and thanks again.
    Charlie @

    • vashi

      My sincere pleasure Charlie! Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.

    • Also Vashi, I thought I’d mention that we are giving away 25 FREE light leaks in the lead up to christmas!!

      That’s 1 free light leak every day for 25 days in December!

      Visit to grab them today.

      All the best and thanks again,
      Charlie @lightleaklove

  3. thank you!

    • vashi

      You are very welcome Xiong!

  4. Thank you for posting these! The VashiMorphic40 will be a go to plugin for me. Nice!

    • vashi

      Thanks Rich! Enjoy and let me know how it works out for you.

  5. Thank you!

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